About Spring Hill Montessori School


Mark and Victoria Oliva founded Spring Hill Montessori in 1993 as an alternative to large institutional preschools. They felt that many preschools in the Cambridge, MA community can be overwhelming to a young child taking his/her first step out of the home and into an educational setting, and sought to create a Montessori school that would serve as a comfortable and engaging way to transition children into a learning environment.

Small Class Preschool – Each Child Gets Personal Attention

In an effort to care for and instill a sense of respect for their children, Spring Hill Montessori’s class consists of less than half the number of children often found in many area preschool classrooms. Unprecedented among area schools, Spring Hill Montessori features a 2.5 to 1 student to certified faculty ratio. By keeping the student/teacher ratio low, children are afforded the help they need when they need it.

Highly Qualified Teachers Keep Parents Informed

As both teachers are certified lead teachers they provide a level of instruction and expertise that is difficult to match in larger schools.The faculty at Spring Hill Montessori understands the importance of regular and timely updates to parents of their child’s progress. They make a point of daily contact with parents and caregivers.

Building a Solid Educational Foundation

Our goal of educating children is to provide them with a foundation of competence and confidence to function independently throughout their lives. The objective of the Spring Hill Montessori School is to gently guide the child’s first steps away from home and provide them in their preschool years with skills they will need to succeed in their years of elementary school and beyond.