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Room to Play, Learn & Grow

To provide a setting to fit their vision of the highest-quality educational environment, Mark and Victoria Oliva converted the second floor of their two-family home into classrooms. Not only is there ample space for the children to play and learn, the neighborhood setting better reflects the preschooler’s transition out of their home and into school.

Preparing Children to Thrive in Life

From Blakeslee Street, Spring Hill Montessori appears like any other home, but inside is a wonderland built to a child’s scale and equipped with an unending succession of inviting and informing activities. Spring Hill Montessori strives to create a modern Montessori children’s house with the introduction to routines, academics, and the ground rules. When our children move on to their elementary schools they are prepared to thrive.

Bright, Welcoming Play Spaces

The four classrooms, flooded with sunshine, are outfitted with shelves containing beautifully maintained educational toys and Montessori materials. The children are free to choose materials off the shelves and play with them for as long as they like. Following the Montessori method, children are able to explore and learn at their own pace and at their level of the readiness. For gross motor development the children play on a well-supplied backyard playground. Besides multiple climbing and play structures there are many outdoor toys with which to play and pretend.