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We accept boys and girls starting at the age of 2.8 years (in September) through age 5. There is no toilet training requirement.

Children of all personality types thrive in the Montessori setting.

For sensitive children who prefer to observe at first, the materials serve to spark their curiosity to catalyze development through play.

For high-energy children who need to be in constant motion, the freedom to move around the classroom at will and to choose their favorite materials help them to refine their movements and gain control over their bodies.

Adult observers often comment on Montessori children as being of one type; calm and focused. What they really see are a full spectrum of children; high-energy children’s focus being harnessed to sensitive children’s curiosity engaged.

The school operates morning hours from September to early June and observes school holidays.

Spring Hill Montessori is located on a quiet residential street in west Cambridge’s Huron Village. Access Blakeslee Street from Reservoir Street. Blakeslee Street runs one-way towards Huron Avenue.

The 2019-2020 tuition is $18,200.

Mark and Victoria often communicate with parents and caregivers at pickup. Since raising a child is a collaboration, we feel it’s important to give primary and secondary caregivers a feel for how their child’s day went. Larger schools have too many children to make this daily communication practical.

In November and May, Mark presents a written assessment of your child’s learning style during teacher-parent conferences. Using Harvard professor Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory as a template, he describes how each of their seven intelligences (inter-personal, intra-personal, body kinesthetic, spatial, musical, linguistic, & logical mathematical) combine to make them unique learners. While your preschooler is just a budding learner, our experience shows that these reports give a remarkably accurate picture of their special talents and weaknesses as they progress through school.

Schools ranked in order of frequency: Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School, Shady Hill School, Belmont Public Schools, Cambridge Public Schools, Belmont Day School.

Yes, the school operates in a residential property and is licensed as a Large Family Childcare through The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.
The program number is 623520. The license number is 9004288.
Mark Oliva is the director.

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